Stephen SMYTH

Stephen founded Smyth-Research along with Mike back in 2004 and SVS (Smyth Virtual Surround) is his invention. Having published numerous patents and created other complex audio algorithms makes him uniquely placed to drive our business and product development forward. Although minimal of late, Stephen likes to travel and he also is a keen photographer. Get those Realisers shipped, and make it snappy!


Our resident Office Manager handles all things HR and office based; Whether you need new stationery or coffee supplies Hazel is our go to person. Besides keeping all the staff happy & in-check Hazel enjoys watching movies, particularly Blockbusters; we think we might be able to do something to make her movie experience a little better.


Andy is a Software Engineer whose main focus is the development and ongoing improvement of the ‘Realiser Exchange’ website which should complement the Realiser A16. With a coffee habit such as his, there has to be some truth in the statement ‘Software Engineer – converts coffee into code’.


Matthew is a recent graduate of Ulster University, where he obtained his Master’s in Mechatronic Engineering and has taken on the role of Embedded Systems Engineer. He’s also a keen rugby player who doesn’t shy away from pressure and obviously he knows a thing or two about team work meaning that he has slotted very nicely into our own little team.



As one of the more outgoing members of our team James has an infectious personality which is what makes him great at his role as our Marketing Co-ordinator and managing our Social Media platforms. Most will know James through his constant stream of emails and progress updates about the Realiser A16.


Our very own Quality Assurance Engineer; Timothy is paramount to ensuring the ongoing high-level of quality we expect from our products. In short, Tim finds the problems and we cry about it. Tim, Timothy, Timmy is very much the baby of our Smyth family but make no mistake, with his work ethic Tim knows where he’s going and how to get there.