The A8 Realiser

Smyth Realiser A8

The Realiser is a compact, free-standing audio processor. On the front panel are: a four-line display for setup and operation; indicator lights for channels in use, clip warnings, and system status; a memory card slot; inputs for headphones and microphones; and a USB-type port for charging the wireless head tracker. On the rear panel are an HDMI input and eight analogue inputs for up to eight discrete audio channels; an HDMI pass-through output; eight analogue outputs for signals used in setup or for pass-through; headphone outputs; and outputs for seat shakers. The Realiser package includes all the accessories listed below.

TU-1 head tracker

The head tracker is a very small and lightweight unit which attaches to the headphone headband. It is wireless and is rechargeable by plugging into the front panel of the Realiser.

TR-1 head tracking reference

The head tracking reference is a small unit which is placed centered in front of the listener. It communicates with the head tracker to identify the position of the listener’s head, updated every five milliseconds. Indicator lights on the unit verify tracking operation.

Stax SRS-2170 headphone set

The Realiser measures and corrects for the response of any headphones. Nonetheless, performance is constrained by the basic limits of the headphones used. To ensure an emulation experience of the highest quality, the Realiser can be purchased with the Stax SRS-2170 headphone/amplifier set.

RC3 remote control

The Realiser is menu-driven and the remote control allows for easy access to the menus. The remote control also makes operation convenient from the listener’s position.

HTM-1 miniature microphone

Tiny microphones are provided for in-ear measurements. Also provided are earplugs which position the microphones snugly and comfortably in the listener’s ears. A number of earplugs are provided in three sizes, allowing for many listeners and environments