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February 2017 Realiser A16 demonstration in New York City at the 'CanJam' show

Smyth Research will be demonstrating the prototype Realiser A16 at the CanJam Show, New York Marriott Marquis,USA, Saturday, February 4th 10am-6pm & Sunday, February 5th 10am-5pm 2017.
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May 2016 Realiser A16 Questions and Answers 1.0

Q1: If the Kickstarter campaign does not reach its targets will the A16 development be dropped?...

About A16

May 2016 Realiser A16 Technical Specification

June 2016 Realiser A16 Revised User-A Headphone Amplifier Capabilities

January 2017 Photographs of the Realiser A16 prototypes

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May 2016 Munich High End 2016 – Smyth Realise 3d Audio is Possible Through Headphones

"...There was no way the headphone was making that sound! I thought they had a switch so when I put the headphones on the speaker played again..."

May 2016 Best Practice: Munich High End Show

"...Then the magic started. First I listened to sound from the speakers. Then I listened to sound with the headphones. They sounded near identical..."

May 2016 Headphones, etc. - A Baker's Dozen from Munich High End 2016

The Realiser A16 demonstration

at the Munich High End 2016 show

The High End Munich 2016 saw, for the first time, the demonstration of Smyth Research's new Realiser A16, a 3D Audio Headphone Processor for decoding and rendering the latest emerging consumer audio formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D, over stereo hi-fi headphones.

The Realiser A16 demonstration at the Munich High End 2016 show followed Smyth Research’s traditional setup whereby listeners were invited to compare a real 7.1.4 ch loudspeaker home theatre system with a personalised virtual rendering of the same system over headphones as generated through the A16. Movie clips from the Dolby Atmos demonstration Blu-ray Disc were used as source material for the demonstration.

Realiser A16 Main Features

Precisely emulates up to 16 speakers in asound room over stereo headphones

Full suite of personalisation routines

Internal audio bitstream decoding: Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS-X and all legacy Dolby and DTS formats

Employs state-of-the-art SVS virtualisation with integrated headtracking for realistic rendering

Azimuth + elevation head-tracking

Audio source inputs / outputs: USB 2.0 : 16ch in / 2ch out HDMI 2.0 : 8ch PCM i/o + bitstream in Analogue : 16ch in + 16ch out Optical : 2ch PCM i/o + bitstream in

User interface and configuration via web browser

Illusonic N:M channel upmixer

Supports two simultaneous listeners with fully independent personalisation and head-tracking

Low-delay live music rendering modes

Dedicated audio i/o for video gaming

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