November 2017 Realiser A16 Remote Control User Interface Overview

July 2017 A16 Progress Report

"All aspects of the production are proceeding well..."

May 2016 Realiser Exchange - a new Virtual Audio Exchange website

Smyth Research is pleased to report on the development of their new virtual audio exchange website which is due to go live simultaneous to the launch of the A16.

May 2016 Realiser A16 Questions and Answers 1.0

Q1: If the Kickstarter campaign does not reach its targets will the A16 development be dropped?...

About A16

May 2016 Realiser A16 Technical Specification

June 2016 Realiser A16 Revised User-A Headphone Amplifier Capabilities

Realsier A16 Forums

May 2016 High-end Audio Forum - Smyth Research Realiser A16

May 2016 Smyth Realiser A16 - 3D headphone processor

May 2016 Smyth Research Realiser A16 - crowdfunding

May 2016 Utilisateurs du Smyth Réaliser... et leurs casques


March 2017 CanJam Singapore 2017 Highlight: Hyper-Realistic Dolby Atmos, With No Speakers?

"No one has quite figured out how to get Dolby Atmos through a pair of headphones, so when I heard a CanJam vendor rave about the Smyth Realiser A16 system, I just knew I had to try it..."

February 2017 At last: Bona fide surround sound over headphones

"...Nearly everybody who heard the A16 demo at CanJam had a hard time at first believing the speakers weren't still on..."

May 2016 Smyth Research Model: Realiser A16 – 3D Headphone Processor

May 2016 Munich High End 2016 – Smyth Realise 3d Audio is Possible Through Headphones

"...There was no way the headphone was making that sound! I thought they had a switch so when I put the headphones on the speaker played again..."

May 2016 Best Practice: Munich High End Show

"...Then the magic started. First I listened to sound from the speakers. Then I listened to sound with the headphones. They sounded near identical..."

May 2016 Headphones, etc. - A Baker's Dozen from Munich High End 2016

May 2016 Munich High End Show: Best Gear on Day 2

Articles in German

May 2016 SMYTH Research: Realiser A16

"...Fast schon möchte man meinen, das im Raum installierte Demo System läuft, und nicht die Kopfhörer...."

Articles in French

May 2016 SVS Smyth Realiser A16 : Dolby Atmos et DTS:X au casque

May 2016 Smyth Research dévoile son Realiser A16 au salon High End

May 2016 Smyth Realiser A16 : ampli-processeur Home-cinéma 16 canaux pour casques

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