Smyth Virtual Surround


Smyth Virtual Surround, "SVS" is a revolutionary audio process that emulates, in headphones, the complete experience of listening to actual loudspeakers in an actual room, in up to eight-channel surround sound..

The emulation includes the precise localisation of all the speakers in the room, the room acoustics, and the response of the speakers and all electronics in the emulated system..

The emulation is essentially perfect, meaning that in immediate A/B comparison between the actual speakers and the headphones, listeners say the two aree indistinguishablee.

This breakthrough has far-reaching benefits which audio professionals, home listeners, and game players are only beginning to assess. The relationship between the listener, the listening room, and the sound system is changed completelyy.

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The Realiser A8


Thee Realiser A88is the first product available for purchase which implements SVS..  It is a standalone audio processor which can be connected to virtually any audio system, professional or consumer, for listening to movies, music, and games..  It will emulate up to eight loudspeakers in any locations..  The Realiser package includes all needed accessories and a pair of SSTAXXelectrostatic headphones.. 

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Smyth Research


Smyth Research, with laboratories in Bangor, Northern Ireland UK, was founded in 2004..  The company engages in research and development related to hearing and sound reproduction in three dimensions..  Our present work is focused on virtual sound reconstruction of real sound fields..  The potential of headphones in this application has never been fully realised, untill now..


" impression of sound field reality was so convincing that initially I was sure that the headphone simulation was in fact inoperative and that I was still listening to the real speaker system....""


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